Plastic Components, a US manufacturer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) accessories for the wall and ceiling industry, has just announced three new sizes of End Caps for window and door drip edges. These new End Caps are the perfect complement to Plastic Components’ Window/Door Drip Edges (SB and WDA series).

«We designed our end caps in response to a lot of interest in improving moisture management at building openings,» says Herman Guevara, Director of Worldwide Sales. «Historically, window and door openings are areas which tend to be leading causes of failure. The development of this product is a direct result of Plastic Components responding to the needs of the industry,» he adds.

New End Caps by Plastic Components deliver increased moisture management in EIFS and other projects, as well as provide an attractive finish. The low-profile design discourages nesting and blocks entry of pests, while directing water out the front of the window/door assembly.

As a building material, PVC is the superior alternative to metal. Plastic trims are rustproof, lightweight, UV and damage resistant. They are safe on hands – easy to cut, handle and install with common hand tools – and they save on labor.

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