Junta Ajustable/Junta de Expansión

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Used as an expansion joint while providing a reveal.
Designed to expand and contract when severe movement
is anticipated. When using in the vertical application, the
lath should be split before installing the slip joint. When
used in a horizontal plane, the same procedure should be
used before placing the female side on top


Slip Joint shall be Plastic Components, Inc. #________. All exterior accessories shall be of PVC material conforming to ASTM standards D1784, C1063, C1861 and D4216. They shall be used where specified by the design authority and installed per industry standards.

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Entrecalle de 3" (76 mm) Junta ajustable/junta de expansión. Entrecalle se ajusta desde 2-1/8" a 2-5/8" (54 mm a 67 mm)

3/4" (19 mm)

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