Since 1969, Plastic Components has delivered the highest quality products in the industry. We were the first PVC trim manufacturer to submit its products to an independent third party testing organization for evaluation and certification. Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd./Warnock Hersey, the internationally known testing organization, conducted a comprehensive review of our manufacturing facility and processes, examining everything from receipt and qualification of raw materials, through manufacturing, packaging and shipping of our finished product. This is an on-going process conducted by Warnock Hersey. We are pleased to say that our products meet or exceed the high standards set by ASTM for tensile and flexural strength, dimensional stability, and exterior weather resistance. Our trims are now listed with Intertek Testing Services/ Warnock Hersey - assuring you of outstanding product performance and proven compliance with ASTM standards.

This means that you have not only Plastic Components' assurance of quality and performance, but proof by a recognized independent certification organization. Plastic Components' line of PVC accessories includes more than 700 different items. We were the Originators of PVC trims, and offer more products for exterior applications than any other manufacturer, and the largest, most comprehensive line of EIFS and DEFS accessories in the industry. We continue to lead the industry with new products and solutions for EIFS, DEFS, stucco/plaster, drywall, and other applications.


Call us for reliable technical information, or visit our redesigned website for product descriptions, usage guidelines, short form specifications, and isometric drawings - plus the latest in new product development! And look for the ITS /Warnock Hersey 'listed' mark on all of our PVC accessories.