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Toll-free 800.327.7077 | Local: 305.885.0561

ULTRA-LATH® 1/8″ Self-furred Non-Rusting Plastic Lath

Product Category: Featured, Plaster/Stucco, Ultra-Lath®


For either exterior or interior vertical application; should only be used for non-rated assemblies. The self-furring ridges provide exceptional keying and are applied towards the substrate. ULTRA-LATH® is impervious to sand and any harsh chemicals found in Portland-based stucco. IT WILL NEVER RUST. It may be installed over any code approved substrate. Can not be used in horizontal soffit applications.


ULTRA-LATH® Plastic Lath shall be Plastic Components, Inc. #_____. It shall be used where specified by the design authority and installed per industry standards ASTM C1764 and C1861. Meets ASTM 330.84 and ASTM 330.84b.

Information Sheets

Product Chart

Add to Submittal Product # Description Dimensions Packaging

ULTR-LATH® Plastic Lath sheets -
27" x 96" (686 mm x 2.4 M)

10 sheets per bundle/180 sq ft per bundle

25 bundles per pallet

ULTRA-LATH® Plastic Lath rolls - 27" x 100' roll (686 mm x 30.5 M)

225 sq ft per roll

18 rolls per pallet

STRIP-LATH® strips of plastic lath 3" wide x 96" long (76 mm x 2.4 M)

50 per box

STRIP-LATH® strips of plastic lath 4" wide x 96" long (102 mm x 2.4 M)

50 per box

STRIP-LATH® strips of plastic lath 6" wide x 96" long (152 mm x 2.4 M)

50 per box

STRIP-LATH® strips of plastic lath 8" wide x 96" long (203 mm x 2.4 M)

50 per box

Product Notes

We recommend Plastic Components trims for applications using Ultra-Lath Plastic Lath.
The base coat mesh should be lapped over the top of the perforated flanges and across all butt joints.
It is recommended that PVC products be used for all exterior exposures.
For Horizontal Installation: Refer to Tile Council of North America Inc. (TCNA), F185-14 and RH140-14

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