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All Plastic Components trims are listed by ITS/Warnock-Hersey to assure you of proven compliance with ASTM D4216-99.

We are the first, and possibly the only manufacturer to submit its PVC trims to an independent, third-party testing organization for evaluation and certification. Our PVC accessories passed a series of comprehensive tests to earn the right to carry the Warnock-Hersey mark.

Our trims are manufactured of high-impact resistant, lead-free PVC compounds that conform to ASTM standards D1784 and C1063 (for exterior stucco, one coat, DEFS and EIFS applications), D1784 (for exterior stucco), and D3678 and C1047 (for interior drywall).

Plastic Components' exterior trims are UV resistant. The PVC compounds used to make them do not contain the plasticizers or other chemicals that can migrate to the surface. The material will gradually harden as temperatures fall, but our trims are formulated to withstand freeze/thaw cycles. PVC products are weaker than the materials they are attached to. The products will move with the wall, and the plaster they are embedded in, so they cannot express their coefficient of expansion or contraction.

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