Painting PVC Trims

Plastic Components does not recommend a specific manufacturer or brand name for coating/painting our PVC profiles. However, we have found that acrylic-base coatings have a superior bond and provide excellent coverage. It is not necessary to apply a prime coat but we do recommend two coats be applied to ensure a proper cover.

No special prepping of the PVC products is necessary. If cleaning is necessary we recommend a mild detergent. We do not recommend using solvent-based products for painting or cleaning any PVC surface.

If a latex paint is to be used for an exterior application, we recommend a prime coat and then two coats of paint to ensure complete coverage. For interior applications, only the two finish coats are recommended.

We strongly recommend that only light colored tints be used. Dark colors are unable to reflect ultraviolet rays and may adversely affect their long-term performance.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 1.800.327.7077.