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Product Category: Direct Applied


2209MESH combines Plastic Components' reliable PVC corner bead and alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh to bring you a time-saving alternative to wrapping corners by hand with multiple pieces of mesh. Here’s the solution to better-looking, strong and straight corner edges in direct applied and EIFS installations.
• Saves time; improves job quality
• Makes corners more durable; minimizes cracking
• Adds years to life of exterior corners
• Easy to apply, UV rated
• Makes application of finish coat easier
• Fire- and alkaline-resistant mesh
• Meets ASTM D579 and EIMA 105.01

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7/8" (22 mm) flange Corner Bead with 4.5 oz fire-resistant alkaline-resistant fiberglass mesh attached to both legs, 3" (76 mm) on one leg, 5" (127 mm) on the other.

50 per box

Product Notes

Available in 8' and 10' Lengths (2.5 m and 3 m)