Ultra-Lath® Plus Product Overview

Product Description

Heavy-duty ULTRA-LATH PLUS, the non-rusting alternative to galvanized metal lath is easy to use, and impervious to moisture and chemicals found in cement-base products. Now 1/4" self-furred for positive keying of stucco, it lowers installed costs, cuts with a utility knife, and is easy to transport to the jobsite. ULTRA-LATH PLUS is made with polyethylene (like your milk cartons), so it's safe to handle.

IAPMO-UES-smULTRA-LATH PLUS is recognized by IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services report #0284 as code compliant to the 2009 and 2012 IBC and IRC. It also meets ASTM C1764, C1780, C1787 and C1788.

NEW…Ultra-Lath Plus® passed the NFPA285 multi-story fire test. It’s now approved for Type 1 to 5 construction.
View fire test.

Basic Use

Ultra-Lath Plus is an alternative to metal lath for three coat stucco and stone veneer assemblies.


Install ULTRA-LATH with the ribbed/self-furred side towards the substrate and the smooth side facing the front. ULTRA-LATH PLUS shall be installed in accordance with ASTM C1764 and C1780 and industry standards. Refer to IAPMO report UER #0284 for additional information.

Weather Resistance

ULTRA-LATH should remain wrapped or stored under cover.